'OpenDataCam' is a tool that helps to quantify the world. It’s here for everyone to use! With computer vision OpenDataCam understands and quantifies moving objects. The simple setup allows everybody to become an urban data miner.

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OpenDataCam consists of a camera attached to a mini computer. It’s running an object detection algorithm that counts and tracks moving objects. The board is equipped with a GPU (graphical processing unit), which allows it to process many parallel image threads at once. The perfect tool for image analysis and video processing.

On the software side OpenDataCam is running YOLO — an object detection library. YOLO is trained to detect objects in images. The attached camera feeds YOLO with a video, YOLO then outputs all objects in each frame.

OpenDataCam is not connected to the cloud, you’re in full control of when to gather it. Via the interface you can specify which areas of the picture objects should be counted. Also the camera tracks how things move through the frames. Via an easy export function you can access the tally and traces and use it in any thinkable way. Going all-in? Use the API to get access to the raw data points.

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