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Take a deep dive into your team's Slack communication statistics. Explore how communication works in your team and learn how communication shapes culture.

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How it Works!

Slack is an instant messaging tool that is used for team communication. Communication is organised via channels for certain topics that are open for every team member to join. #teamchatviz enables you to explore your team's Slack jungle with appealing statistics. Analize unique graphs and gain insights from your very own Slack team.

By integrating this tool into your Slack app, a number of data visualisations of all publicly available channels will automatically be created for you. #teamchatviz is not only great for new members to get an overview of the team but also enables long time users to learn about what's going on around them. Explore it yourself!

A Note on Team Stats

With #teamchatviz we created unique data visualisations showing how your team uses Slack. We tried to avoid creating graphics that imply any value judgements or that give a meaning to the numbers. We also tried to find graphics that work universally for any Slack team. Some of the visualisations don't even work without a human being making sense of them. So please be careful when you do so!

Slack gives a nice example of this: "Someone might be not using Slack for several hours during the day because they are goofing off. On the other hand, they might be away from Slack because they are concentrating very hard on the work that you want them to do. We have no way of distinguishing those cases and we advise that anyone viewing these stats be careful not to infer anything which is not in the data."

The #teamchatviz is an open source tool. You're welcome to fork us on github and contribute your ideas!

Project Background

Our #teamchatviz is a wonderful example of a collaborative project within moovel. The idea was born out of the urge to learn from the live communications within our team. Eileen's thoughts on Mastering Team Communication combined with Thorsten's goal to create and maintain an agile working environment, led to the idea of #teamchatviz. Combining this with the conceptual and technical wit of Benedikt and the moovel lab team quickly resulted in prototypes that were handed over to the development team. With the close cooperation of the lab and dev team, it was Alex, supported by Tobias and Josephine, that filled out Flore's design with data and life (including both the backend and frontend development).

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