MOVE LAB would be far from what it is today without its network of collaborators. We’d like to let you know about why collaboration is so important to us and what modes we usually operate in. Maybe you can find yourself in one of these.

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Finding Joy in Collaboration

As the world evolves and technology continues to advance, the traditional boundaries of disciplines are blurred and everyday-things are increasingly interconnected. We believe that new perspectives on mobility are best created when shifting, leaving or connecting your expertise with a new field. Hence it is essential for us to stay connected with key contributors, like forward thinking universities, outstanding students, innovative studios or start-ups and talented individuals.

Where all this leads?!

We want to create new perspectives, prototypes, experiments and scenarios around the future of urban mobility. Our work mostly intersects between technology, data, mobility and design. It touches the fringes of what is possible, that’s where we expect our collaborators to be able to navigate.

The journey is its own reward.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - as they say. So expect the outcome of your work to be practical, visible and tangible. We try to document every step of getting to the final result as well as possible, for this is how the best stories are told. All the while not forgetting where it came from, we pay credits where they’re due - as you can see on our collaborators section.
If you think one of the following formats fits with how you would like to spend your precious time, reach out to us. We will try to find a way to make it possible to create the future of mobility together.

Close Collaboration Mode

On long term collaborations you are deeply integrated into the team. You’re part of the crew and usually listed on our payroll for a defined period of time.


Internships are one of the backbones of how we work. The help talented and motivated students bring into our team is tremendous. We are happy that we can shape the paths of our young talents and also benefit from their fresh views.


The MOVE LAB residency is not just about work, but about the experience of living and working with our team in Berlin. If you’re from out of town, we will help with logistics and bring you into our friendly atmosphere. You can expect that we will do our best to provide technical expertise, gadgets, hardware, project advice, etc. to make your project happen. If you’re interested you can either Bring your own project or apply for a “call-for-applicants”

Working Student

Just as our dearest interns, working students help to get a lot of things done in our team. This mode of working together aims for longer terms, deeply integrated in our processes.

Research Proposal

We don’t always do funded research projects, but when we do, we prefer lightweight and supportive roles.

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Interrims Mode

Medium term collaborations are usually around 2 months and aim for a closer collaboration, usually on location and in close contact with the team and the clear goal to learn from each other.

Thesis Project

Similar to the internships a thesis project is done very closely with our team. With a clear focus on merging the students own views with what we think is a fresh take on mobility.

University Workshop

We’ve engaged with university courses of many different backgrounds. The setup usually works in a triade of the university with their focus and students, alongside an external lecturer we jointly agree upon and a briefing created to frame the workshop within our fields of interest.

Adjunct Mode

Short term collaborations usually don’t last any longer than 1 or 2 months or can also be finished in a single sprint. We see these either as chances to create rough concepts or execute on something that is already thought out in its details only awaiting execution.

Freelance Project

With these assignments we usually tap into sources and disciplines we can’t cover. For example for training sophisticated artificial intelligence applications or physically building and welding the prototypes we envisioned and sketched.

Internal Workshop

With internal workshops we try to incorporate topics not only in our team but also within the broader moovel context. We’ve invited former collaborators and bespoke experts to teach us their view of things with sweet and short on the point workshops.