A lab blog? So what? Why we think we need a blog. And why you should read it!

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Hello World! First of all, we want to give you a very warm welcome to our moovel lab blog! Thanks for visiting! You probably already know what the lab is about, if not here’s a short recap:

The moovel lab is an anti-disciplinary creative space.

Our working environment is setup somewhere between a research lab and a tinker’s garage. We dedicate our energy to topics that are all in a way related to what moves us in our urban surroundings.

So our mission is creating new and exciting content, in some way related to urban mobility. Since this is a very broad topic, there is lots of room for discussing these ideas. That's what we want to use this blog for. The ideas and projects we deal with will be listed in the project feed on lab.moovel.com - all additional content will be found here.

Cover for Why we think we need a blog. And why you should read it!

The lab gang

meet the gang! Since time flies and setups change, this is a pic of some of our lab’ers

In the blog we want to give you the behind the scenes information and also follow-ups to our projects. Since we are all about learning by doing, blog content will also feature interim results. These results might not be named in the final project, but they might still be worth looking into or talking about. That’s one aspect of what you will find in this blog.

You will also find blog posts about persons or things that inspire us in our work. This might be a recap of an interesting discussion we had, or maybe a quick update on an event we visited. These insights can also come from our guest bloggers, people we have worked with, or reached out to.

If you don’t like a project or know how to make it better, we will be very happy to discuss your concerns on the blog. We want this blog to be a personal and interactive platform for informing you. But also a way of you getting in touch with us!

We’ll give you an insight to behind the scenes of the moovel lab. Stay tuned!